My Weekend Goodie Bag

I spent my Saturday at Toronto’s Raw Vegan Festival. Though it wasn’t highly publicized, I was highly impressed. I came home with a goodie bag that didn’t fit in my backpack…. Raw vegan tzatziki, people! My tastebuds couldn’t believe it.

The event was packed, the food, vendors, and demos were excellent–what a great way to experience all of the flavours this lifestyle has to offer. Strict vegans and meat eaters (like myself!) alike were presented with plenty of different options and ideas, clearly with much creativity, thought, and passion put into each. Bricks of raw, vegan gourmet cheeses? Decadent Mexican drinking chocolate? Highly indulgent zucchini chocolate cupcakes—yup! (Why does it always come back to chocolate…?)

I’d say more, but I think the pictures do better justice. Now if only I’d taken more of them…

Raw vegan chef Doug McNish giving a talk and demo on the ease of eating raw. I also had to pick up his book Eat Raw Eat Well—I had cookbook envy after getting my mom a copy for Mother’s Day!

Raw, vegan Essene Bread made from Spelt, Rye, and Kamut (from left to right). Couldn’t believe these grains were raw! My first bread experience—and trust me, I was impressed!


Okay—these were my absolute favourite thing from Saturday! This lady from Good Food Conspiracy Company made a raw hummus from sprouted chickpeas that was BETTER than the real thing, and a fermented raw vegan tzatziki—seriously, her flavours were spot on and just popped! I bought a tzatziki made of fermented cashew cream and will be visiting her at Dufferin Grove this summer for sure!

She also made amazing crackers in 6 varieties.

Chocosol sold Chocolate by the puck and brick. Their cold “drinking chocolate” (aside from their eating chocolate) was spicy and refreshing. Perhaps a bit watery for my taste (I’d made it at home with almond milk), but their raw chocolate is still some of the best.

It was Steph’s first flirtation with raw food (she’s vegan), but judging by that smile I think we had success!

Kale caesar salad (dressing made from cashews) with raw onion bread for lunch.

Raw Nori Rolls from Chica Momma—a local catering company. These were my second-favourite item of the day! Really hit that “Umami” tastebud. According to the website, they’re “seaweed wraps filled with creamy almond pate, sweet potato tempura, and micro greens topped with black and white sesame seeds.” Hm! I could have sworn it was sunflower seeds and carrots. I need to find out how one would make a raw tempura!

Well I do hope you’ve enjoyed my food-gawking adventure. Perhaps next time you’ll join me IRL? xx


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