I’ve had a blog on-and-off since I was thirteen. I’ve made dollmaker”z”, completely random blogs about nothing (a.k.a. my life), and I’ve also fallen off the face of the internet—but I’m back, and this time I want to talk about the stuff you stuff your face with. Food! And the kind of food that makes a body feel good.

I’m not a vegan, though I mostly eat that way. I believe in the ethics, but I also believe it’s about moderation and the 80/20 rule—you know, have your cake most of the time, and eat it too when the mood must strike. Because what good is life without cake anyways?

I believe that food is for nourishment, of both the soul and body. Food is for sharing and caring for yourself and for others. I didn’t always, though. I’ve been down the addicts path—there was a time when I’d happily skip a proper meal for a five-cent candy fix or a bowl (ok, or a tub) of ice cream. (I often joke that I inherited a full set of sweet teeth, but my dentist didn’t think that was too funny.)

But of course, that couldn’t last too long. As a varsity athlete in university, I realized soon enough that simple sugars couldn’t fuel two-a-days or intensive training, and with the guidance of my mom, a few pals, and the internetz, I found my way to real, and real good food. And I’m not looking back (I’m looking at you, swedish berries!).

This blog is dedicated to raw foods, superfoods, vegan goodies, scrumptious snacks and sassy sippers. But the once thing they haven in common? They’re all de-slish-ous. So dig in, folks, and enjoy!



If you want to use any of these images or recipes, no problem! Just link it back to my original page. All photos are mine unless otherwise noted.

Photo used in the header is from the Flickr Creative Commons.

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