Cool Eats, Cool Treats, Treat your Body Right! (With a Secret Ingredient)

He Toronto, remember yesterday, when we broke yet another heat record, hitting above 36 degrees with a humidex of UNREAL?

Call me crazy, ’cause I love it. Or maybe I just eat a high-raw diet that is very cooling and keeps my internal temperatures on the low. (Last week, I ate a full fried Chinese meal for lunch and I swear I might have died.)

It’s a great excuse to eat delicious creamy ice pops.

Oops. Ate that one before I could grab a photo. Guess I’ll have to have another…

That’s more like it.

Avocados unfortunately are not much of a farmer’s market fruit in Canada, but they’re a pretty essential and awesome addition to a mostly vegan diet. Great healthy fats, helping to nourish your skin and keep your hair healthy. Who needs moisturiser anyway? Plus it’s anti-inflammatory, making for excellent post-workout recovery fuel. Or for life-recovery too. Good fats are happy brain food, peoples!

Avocados are on the Clean 15 so I rarely worry about buying them organic, budget considered. So when NoFrills puts them on sale for five gloriously ripe ovals of splendidness for just $2.98, I usually buy a bag. Or two.

Avocados are my favourite food group. When you buy them in packs of five, that’s considered a group. Right? Right.

Get your fix here, combined with some ancient antioxidant goodness.

** revision 12:30 pm E.T.

oh lordy me, I forgots to add my *secret* ingredient!! Spirulina, a dark green algae, is a source of complete protein as well as a whack of other vitamins. It kinda smells like wet dog, but get over it, cause not only is it green (and adds a great depth of colour to the popsicles) but it will make your body into a mean fighting machine. 🙂 Add as much of it as you can handle!

This is my submission to Grillin’ and Chillin’.

Superpowered Green Tea Creamsicles (vegan, gluten-free, soy-free)

Adapted from Munchin with Munckin


3 ripe avocados, pitted

1 can coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp matcha green tea powder

1 tbsp spirulina (or more, if you can handle it!)

1/3 cup agave syrup (or to taste, I like this recipe on the sweeter side)


In a food processor and process avocados and coconut milk until smooth. Process the remaining ingredients till the colour and texture are uniform. Pour into popsicle moulds (I got mine at Loblaws for $2) and freeze overnight. Should make about 10 popsicles. (I had leftovers after filling the above mould. You can guess what I did with that.) And if you wanted to add blueberries that would probably taste really awesome too. Happy lickin’!