A Blizzard Good (for you) Enough for Breakfast

Guuuuuh. Soooo. Good.

For the first time probably ever, I was able to hold off an ice cream craving long enough for it to pass last night.

Long enough, at least, for me to whip out the food processor and make my own.

My first experience a few years ago with Banana Soft-Serve was a flop, one I’d account to a crappy blender and a poor ratio of nut milk to frozen banana. This time, however—a grand success! Nothing easier than a frozen banana with a splash of almond milk (or coconut, for extra creaminess) and a splash of maple syrup, just process and serve. Soft-serve for softie chefs. Simple, and so seriously perfect.

Layers of silky chocolate sauce and chewy cookie dough don’t hurt either.

This Raw Cookie Dough Blizzard is actually about as healthy as most breakfasts I eat. Just a restructuring of the same ingredients. (Kinda like this, but good for you.) Thus, I deem this a worthy hot-weather-worthy brunch. Rolled oats (I used gluten-free!), nuts, coconut, raw cacao in various forms, banana, and a little maple syrup or honey—sounds like the perfect granola, but believe it or not, it’s just the rearranged ingredients for the above parfait.

Wish I could say this combo was my idea, but it seems to be a popular blogosphere idea. Rawified makes it super-simple (like five-minutes simple, hence why I used her recipe!), Angela‘s dished her own interpretation,  and VeganLisa demoed hers at last summers Toronto Vegetarian Festival.

Now you have my blessing. Go forth, be fruitful (bananas!), and multiply (make extra cookie dough, and save some for me!).

 And to those of you who have shared their recreations of my recipes and posts…. thank you!! It does truly make my day when someone has been inspired by, helped by, or even just enjoyed reading the blog. So please keep it up, feel free to comment, abuse my Facebook wall, Twitter handle, etc. It is all much appreciated 🙂

When Snack Attacks: Banana Cacao Crisps

Well it was a bit of whirlwind weekend, what with a 22-hour trip to Phoenix, AZ to see the screening of a a documentary featuring my volleyball team’s philanthropic trip to Mexico this past December. It was a wow-worthy evening, worth the trip indeed, and I am sure to share the film when it is posted up online (soon!).

And with more than a few hours in transit, I’ve been on a bit of a snacking kick—and I’ve got a new favourite. I can’t wait for you guys to try these, they’re pretty much genius and are going to be added to my must-have-in-pantry-at-all-times-and-maybe-extra list. What, you don’t have one of those?

I first saw Julia on my strange addiction, Dragon’s Den pitching these raw, vegan crackers she’d made to pack in her bag while jaunting around to school at the IHN (where I still want to go!), to practices, and workouts. I was impressed when she won the Dragons over, and even more impressed when I tried my mom came and splurged on an eight dollar package of these treats for me. They’re amazing, and I wish I could afford to purchase them and support her growing business, but they’re a bit out of my budget. Which obviously means I needed to dissect them immediately.

When I recreated them at home, I tried to bring a few for my ma this weekend to evaluate. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive the plane ride… though I have no idea how.

Seriously. Make these.

Banana Cacao Crisps (raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free)

Inspired by Nudfud‘s Cacao Energy


4 bananas, ripe

1/2 cup sesame seeds (optional to soak for 30 minutes prior for enhanced digestibility)

1/2 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened (preferably organic and unsulphured)

1/4 cup cacao powder


Pulse all ingredients in food processor until combined (if you don’t have one, you could probably get away with mashing the bananas up with a potato masher or hands first, then mixing in the rest of the goodies). Spread on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and place in dehydrator or oven on lowest setting, or oven with door propped open a bit and dehydrate for 12 hours, scraping off and transferring, flipped, to a new sheet of parchment paper halfway through. (Alternatively, you could bake in the oven at 350 F until they’re crispy, but you will lose some of the nutritional quality at that heat.) Cut or break into desired size and store in a ziploc with some paper towel to absorb moisture.

Keep in purse/backpack/pocket for maximum all-the-time snacking. Alternatively, spread with some almond or coconut butter, use as a granola enhancer, or make a ridiculous dessert sandwich with some raw chocolate hazelnut spread (nutella IRL) and bananas. Okay, excuse me, I need to run to the kitchen NOW…