Quickie: Macadamia and Mission Fig Oatmeal Cookies

I don’t have a ton to say this week—I’d prepared to do a full-photo post with these little guys but I guess I lost a lot of my photos when my hard drive crashed last summer.. boo! *BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER PEOPLES… TODAY!*
Anyways, these are a great snack to carry around, an energy- and mood-booster, full of lots of the good stuff to keep your belly happy and your cells smilin’. I brought these to the Toronto My New Roots Potluck picnic last year (as I posted about) and from what I could tell, they were pretty well-received :).
*Edit, 11:45 pm Korea time
These cookies feature a special, and especially sweet ingredient—Lucuma, an Andean superfood (coming from the same region as quinoa, cacao, maca, camu camu, sacha inchi, and yacon.. wow!). Lucuma, which I used here in powdered form, is a unique fruit known for it’s uniquely sweet and slightly caramel-like flavour. It’s low on the glycemic index and is loaded with Vitamin B3, a nutrient known for its positive effects on depression. The fruit is also chock-full of fibre, iron, and carotene—that beautiful orange stuff (think: carrots, sweet potatoes) that helps steer your cells clear of cancer.
You should be able to find it at your local health food store, or on iHerb (Nativas Naturals is a great brand).

the only remaining photo!

Macadamia and Mission Fig Oatmeal Cookies (Raw, Vegan, Soy-Free, Can be Gluten-Free)

2 cups rolled oats (I used certified gluten-free)

1 cup cashews

2 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp honey or agave syrup

3 tbsp lucuma

3 tbsp filtered water

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup macadamia nuts, chopped

1/2 cup organic mission figs, chopped


Process 1 cup of the rolled oats, the cashews, coconut oil, honey, agave, lucuma, filtered water as needed, vanilla, and sea salt until it starts to form a ball. Pulse in the rest of the oats and the nuts and figs. (You can easily substitute the nuts and figs to things of your liking—goji beries, slivered almonds, pecans, or medjool dates would all be lovely.). Remove mixture from food processor and use 1 tbsp to measure out and roll little balls. Store in the fridge, and if you plan to keep them longer than a week (though you probably shouldn’t!), store in the freezer as the oats can go rancid quickly.

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    • Hey ma, I’m not much of a pro on lucuma as I’ve experimented with it just a few times, but here’s what I’ve read over on http://www.megantelpner.com:
      It comes from peru- as too many super powers do. In peru, the Lucuma is used as an emblem to represent those fine peeps. It is celebrated for its amazing flavour and smooth as silk creamy texture and is actually considered one of the most unique fruits in the world. Now I have your attention right?

      My best description of the taste is, well, indescribable. Um.. kind of sweet and caramelly. In spite of its sweet flavour, it is still amazingly low on the glycemic index which makes it a great thing to add to our raw hot chocolates in the morning if we want some sweetness without the sugar kick.

      The goodness packed in this punch soothes the nervous system- it is loaded in vitamin B3- the nutrient known to aid in depression. This amazing fruit is rich in fiber, iron and carotene. Carotene- by the way is what gives it the pretty orange colour and the even prettier ability to protect our DNA from cancer.
      Pretty cool, eh?

  1. By 1990 and 2000 smoothies became widely mainstream, becoming available almost anywhere you go, making the juice
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    Now-a-days,all these things consider as a status symbol.
    Billberry is another best natural remedy for diabetes.

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