Bye bye bap, hello best of both breakfasts

Ahhh. Drink it up. Slurp it. Spoon it. Scoop it.

A genius breakfast idea, in my humble little opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kimbap—but the $2 rolls I would pick up daily were a little heavy on the white rice. (Fact: Alien’s Day Out says that Koreans call kimbap “rice thief”—the rolls hide how much rice you’re actually eating!) Other than a pastry or two at home (girl’s gotta live), I rarely touch white bread in all its processed-ness. I guess white rice—that bandit—snuck right into my diet!

So anyways. At home, I have two favourite second breakfasts (after green juice, duh)—the green smoothie and the overnight oats. I like to think I’m on Walter Jr. level of breakfast-liking, so putting together two of my favorite breakfasts pretty much sets the whole day up for awesomesauce. Ah. The best of both breakfasts.

To make the above: Take my overnight oatmeal recipe (of course, this is completely customizable to your tastes or what you have on hand):

1/4 cup oats (I used steel-cut oats which are less processed than standard rolled oats)

1/4 cup quinoa flakes

1/4 cup chia cereal like Ruth’s or Holy Crap! brand, or 1/4 cup chia seeds

1 tbsp natural almond butter, cashew butter, or nut butter of your choice

1 banana, chopped

1 tsp hemp seeds

1 tsp sprouted flax

handful of walnuts

1 tbsp goji berries

1 tbsp cacao nibs

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup unsweetened almond milk or non-dairy beverage of your choice

And simply sub out the almond milk for a green smoothie! Bam! I don’t have my arsenal of health goodies (Vega powder, chia, flax, hemp etc) in Korea (….yet), so I simply blended 1 cup of soy-almond-walnut milk, 1/2 cup spinach, 2 tbsp almond butter (I made my own), and 1 frozen banana. Top with oatmeal, screw on the lid of the jar, and you have an easily transportable, perfect breakfast. Although, due to the hue, your Korean co-workers might give you a few strange looks. XD

What are your favorite breakfast combinations?


2 responses

  1. I never realized just how much rice a kimbap roll really had until one day I saw my friend make one right in front of me. It’s a pretty hefty handful! But…they’re just so good. 😉 Your breakfast recipe looks delicious! I started eating steel-cut oatmeal last year and they definitely keep me fuller throughout the morning.

    I’m glad I came across your blog. I look forward to your future posts and recipes!

    • Haha yes! I always think I’ve put too much and then end up needing more… ^^
      Steel-cut oatmeal is definitely a good way to go! Cooks much faster, no? I like my rolled oats ’cause it’s easy to find gluten-free, but oats are low in gluten anyways so it’s not a biggie either way. Thanks for reading, Michelle!

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