Red and Yellow Herbal Hillz



Of all places to be eco-friendly… a theme park?

Only in Korea.

This weekend, the dude and I trekked out to [sic] Herb Hillz,  a theme and amusement park built onto a mountainside a half hour bus-ride from Daegu. The pathways weave amongst trees, the nature a feature rather than simply a fall-hued accent. While the herb store, woodworking shop, and the herb cooking house were kitschy to say the least, it’s hard to feel short-changed when surrounded by so much natural beauty. Waterfalls, stunning mountain views, and gardens that bring to mind a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

You can take a home your own potted herbs for a fee comparable to that of a home and garden store!

Bloom and grow.

The dude was devastated to find out these bubbles were reserved for babes.


This bench serves a clear purpose. Mission=accomplished.

I had my heart set on learning some traditional, herb-infused Korean cooking…

… but unfortunately, it was only a shop to make your own cookies, chocolates and cakes. “Unfortunate,” as demonstated by the expression on my face.

We only saw half the park—we’ve plans to go back another day for the outlook point, Korean folk farming history museum, and (!) green tea fields! Oh yeah. And the “Tarzan” eco-adventure course. Because the rookie level of inter-tree skateboarding, rope-walkin’, tight-rope teetering and ziplining around the park clearly was not enough.

One foot in front of the other….

Only so happy ’cause I’ve made it to the fourth and final zipline of this course!

Herb Hillz, we shall meet again. Soon.




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