Anyan from Asia!

Hello, friends! (안녕하세요)

Apologies for being absent—it’s been a crazy month spanning three provinces, three countries, and many many meals. I haven’t hardly set foot in a kitchen since I left Toronto three weeks ago and in such my blog has suffered. Plus, it’s been August and I trust that all of you were out drenching your skin and self with every last drop of summer. Right? Right.

I visited farmer’s markets in Boston, Massachusetts, Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Kelowna, B.C.—unfortunately the only to survive were those from way out east, from the rainiest day.


Oh my sweet, sweet kale.

Oh, and that other thing. I moved to Korea. The dude and I packed our bags, said our goodbyes (my saddest to my beautiful little Breville  juicer, though not the mucky kitchen in which it last sat) and hopped a few planes across borders and an ocean. Into a land where kimchi is abundant (who needs probiotics?!), coffee is first-class, and the neon lights never stop flashing. Kinda like Vegas, except that I’m not on a four-day-bender—I’m living here for a year.

Some time ago the dude and I decided we should pack up and make our way across the globe, for the experience, the travel, the relatively cushy salary, and the fun. So we’re here, faced with a hundred-or-so kindergartens and elementary students each day. Neither of us with much teaching experience, but both with open minds and as always, empty bellies.

I’ve searched every market here for kale, to no avail. I’m already plotting shipping a few seeds overseas…

Though said dude and I made an unofficial pact to try and eat Korean while we’re here, meaning no supplements from home (bye-bye, delicious vega powder), and no ordering everything off of iherb (except maaaaybe some almond milk, ’cause soy sucks), I did find a few things at Costco (yes, it’s big here!)—Spirulina (hooray!), Fish Oils, and Vitamin C. Since fruit is expensive here, even moreso than at home (for non-organics), it looks like it’ll be more of a treat than anything. And I don’t want scurvy, so chewable orange-flavoured vitamin C it is!

~$23 CAD (!!!)

Costco-sized algae

So we’ve been here two weeks. I’m starting to find places that serve raw vegetables. Brown rice. Organic things, too. My “kitchen” is a hot plate in a shoebox-sized nook and eating out is often cheaper than in, so I imagine most of my health missions will take place outside of our apartment. But I promise to write. Hopefully next time with some kale in my belly. Until then…




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  1. Good to hear you arrived well! I was actually wondering just yesterday about not having seen any new posts from you in a while, so I’m glad to know that everything is going well. Good luck with the year in Korea!

  2. Hi Kass. I have just found and now love your blog. Where in Korea are you? Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences with food here (I live in Suncheon). I’m always on the look out for good organic produce and restaurants and also sampling and cooking with different/unusual ingredients.

    • Hi Suzie! Thank you so much!! I’m in Chilgok, part of the Daegu Metropolitan area. I just Wiki’d Suncheon, looks beautiful there! Do you know if the food is different where you are? More seafood perhaps?

      Yes, definitely have been on the hunt for organics! I’ve noticed a few at homeplus, costco, and a foreigner cafe downtown but otherwise not a lot. And to my dismay, no almond milk or non-dairy alternatives apart from soy. Have you had much luck?

      Hope you come back for more! 🙂

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