Raise Some Wheatgrass to This

I know I write about food a lot on this blog (well I do, aside from this week). But sometimes it’s important to keep in mind that health isn’t only food. It’s also not only about your body.

A friend posted this on Facebook today—for every hour you devote to your body, devote two to your mind. (Who actually said that first, I’m unaware… perhaps I should be spending more time on this mind thing!)

Eating healthy is awesome and I truly believe that it provides healing for the body, for the mind, for the soul. But it’s also not the end-all-be-all. So when I worked too many hours this week, and didn’t have time to devote to food prep, planning or photography, not only could I not blog about deliciously nutritious goodies, but I also couldn’t really eat them myself. In a span of 24 hours I had a bagel, a scone, and *god forbid* movie popcorn with chocolate coating. (Because the regular kind wouldn’t have been indulgent enough.)

I sat there at work yesterday, and was so mad with myself for not posting anything, nor having planned or set aside the time to bring something with me to make me feel good.

And then I realized whywasn’t feeling good. It had little to do with the gluten, or the sugar—It was simply that I was sitting there being mad with myself.


I nibbled on the last few crumbles of my blueberry scone (it was fresh, and baked locally, at least), and decided that the healthiest thing I could do in this moment is just to let it go. I know that by tomorrow I’ll be back on track–not that I really have a choice. It’s kind of my *thing* now. A good thing.

But I did say tomorrow for a reason—tonight’s my birthday party, so I’m going to have to “let it go” just a litttttle bit longer. And don’t worry, by Sunday morning, the only shots I’ll taking will be, like always, wheatgrass.

Cheers! xx


6 responses

  1. Hope you had an awesome birthday celebration Kass 🙂 I like the “let it go” mindset, lifes way too short not to enjoy some indulgence!! Belmonte Raw soon?!

    • ‘Tis pretty incredible, isn’t it? What kind of juicer do you use for wheatgrass?

      Funny story… The first month was here I was all delighted because I thought I’d found wheatgrass! I brought it home ad juiced it and took a sip…. Mm, juiced garlic scapes. Never. Again.

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