Public Service Announcement

I’ll try to keep this blog from getting too personal. But I’ve been away all week and wanted to explain why..

Earlier this week, I got a procedure on my shoulder. Years of volleyball took its toll and I had a small tear in my tendon that was in need of some repair, so I took the natural route and got what’s called a PRP injection. It’s not that bad, but the recovery can be a bit painful, or at the very least, incredibly uncomfortable.

I had it done once before, and I sucked it up and didn’t take any of the prescribed painkillers. This time, though, I was struggling to sleep and get homework done so I caved and popped a few—they weren’t a strong prescription, and were mostly made of drugs available over-the-counter. At the tail end of my “spring cleaning,” I figured the benefits would outweigh the bads.

So. Wrong. I. Was.

The painkillers caused more problems than the pain, and I ended up bedridden for a week, dizzy, in fits of sweats, unable to hold down food, and worst of all unable to focus. I missed playdates, class, a job interview, work, and was ready to stay home alone for Easter. It took my boyfriend to convince me that the drugs were the culprit, and to drag that little canister out of my sweaty hands. Not only did those simple little pills not relieve me of much pain, but they weakened my entire immune system enough for me to now be experiencing cold-like symptoms that have far outlasted everything else.

I write all of this not so that the internet can feel sorry for me, but because I hate drugs. Stupid prescription and over-the-counter drugs. I swear they make things worse, every time. Perhaps you’ve seen FoodMatters, Forks Over Knives, or even Sicko? I’m sure there are more relevant documentaries out there (anyone?) but those are the few I’ve seen that speak to the cause. Often using one drug necessitates another, and another, and here you are trapped in a vicious cycle.

There are times and places that prescription drugs are necessary. Modern medicine isn’t all evil.

But gosh… Kids. If you don’t have to—don’t do drugs.


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