The Hunger Game-Changer

We interrupt today’s regular scheduling for an important message from the people that brought you Food Matters:

I know that the hunger most people are probably thinking about right now is The Hunger Games, but might I suggest another movie that is screening for free online until Saturday—Hungry for Change (that’s like, $15 less than it would be to see The Hunger Games!)? This film, dispensing words of wisdom from the experts, details how you can avoid the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) and use healthy, nautral foods (read: NOT diet foods!) from everything to losing weight to reversing chronic disease. It also includes some recipes to help you do so.

It’s only an hour and a half out of your time but I can promise you that you will learn some valuable information that will stick with your for life, if you choose to apply it. Thus, I implore you: pop yourself some popcorn, make a glass of Mint Ginger-Ade, and take in this great, informative film!


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