Tummy treats

I never thought I’d be so full from just a salad.

In fact, last night, I made fun of someone for being full from just a salad.

Damnit, karma.

After rolling myself home from a scrumptious, fun, and well, fibrous dinner at Live Food Bar, I wanted something to settle my stomach a little: I had a hankering for a ginger ale… One without sugar. Or ale.

Tongue, meet stevia. Mmmm. Sweet, refreshing success. Stevia is great because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar and send you into some foggy-headed, sugary abyss. Plus it has no calories, and contains no sugar. So far, so good.

Ginger is nice and soothing for an upset stomach. I have a hankering that’s why they serve it at all-you-can-eat sushi joints..

Mint Ginger-Ade 

(sugar-free, everything else-free)


A few sprigs of mint

A thumb of grated ginger (I usually just grate and freeze little bits of it)

Juice of one lime

A few drops of stevia, to taste

Sparkling water


Like you’re making a mojito, muddle the mint, ginger, lime, and stevia. Squish ’em up real nice. Pour in your sparkling water, and let it soak up the flavours. Stir. Strain into a glass with a few ice cubes, and slurp up the refreshment!

Last time I make fun of someone for eating a salad. Sorry, Reens. 😛

Oh, and remember my little soup dilemna? Problem solved overnight—and I didn’t have to put in any effort. That’s just what soup does. So thanks for having my back, soup.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried stevia… I just read up on it quickly and it seems to be one of those “fine in moderation” sweeteners? I always thought plain old sugar was best since it’s the most “natural”? What are your much-more educated/knowledgeable thoughts? I’d really love to get over my sugar addiction and stevia sounds like it could help!

    • Hey Geneviève!

      First off, most of my education is the internet so don’t put me on a pedestal 😉

      I’m not a fan of plain ol’ sugar just cause it’s bleached and refined.. If I’m baking I’ll usually use cane sugar or blackstrap molasses or maple syrup, and for a sweetner for drinks (not tea or coffee or smoothies, but something like this) I usually use agave syrup. Stevia isn’t my 100% favourite because I think it tastes like aspartame—BUT! it has a lot of benefits – basically it’s made of a leaf that’s super duper sweet, like aspartame sweet, and you can get it liquid or powdered. The best thing is it contains NO sugar and thus doesn’t spike your blood sugar – which I love for post work-out because I find that if I have something sugary I always get jittery. They use Stevia in Vega protein and nutritional one powder too, and I find that it’s just sweet enough without giving you all those bad effects from sugar – jitters, foggy head, headaches, etc. I’ve never felt anything negative with stevia and most of the super healthy blogs I read seem to be cool with it. The only negative info I’ve ever seen has been from random, unreputable-looking websites I’ve found off google. I too, am using it in an attempt to end the sugar addiction 😉

      That was a little long-winded but hope it helps! I’ll be posting some new stuff with stevia in it in the coming weeks so stay tuned! And also! A blog I think you would appreciate that I just came across last night: pure2raw.com.. check it out!

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