If at first you don’t succeed…

Mmmm, kabocha, my sweet, sweet little vegetable. (Not to be confused with kombucha.)

Kabocha goes by the alias of buttercup squash. I’d call it a cross between a sweet potato and pumpkin, but it probably wants its own identity, too. (The only place I’ve had it before buying one of my own was doused in tempura batter at sushi restaurants—you know, that unidentifiable orangeish tempura vegetable with the green rind?)

I’m only a week into this new way of eating, and mid-essay yesterday I had a big-time hankering for something sweet, and though piles of Mini Eggs and cute little Chocolate Lindt bunnies beckoned from afar, I wasn’t gonna crack.

So I cracked myself open a little organic kabocha squash.

I scooped out the guts, drizzled this orange beauty with some olive oil, sprinkled on some salt and pepper, flipped ‘er over and popped it in the oven.

Kabocha’s great because it’s high in iron (which is crucial if you don’t eat much red meat!), the bioavailable beta-carotene you need to produce vitamin a for your eyes, vitamin c (duh), and potassium (great to help your body recover from tough workouts and prevent muscle crampage).

Thinking I’d get creative for you guys and use up some leftovers threatening to rot in the fridge, I tossed it in with some garlic, onions, a few spices, some vegetable broth, some lentils, and some kale.

Sure looks pretty, don’t it!

I poured myself a hearty mug and took a sip.

BLECH! Tasteless. *Damn you cleanse food, you win again!!* The soup totally diluted the sweet flavours or the kabocha I was looking for, and clearly I got a little too impatient (read: hangry) while caramelizing the onions. Fail.

…..So then, I just scooped it out with a spoon and ate it as is. It was perfect. The end.

**Note. For good-tasting kabocha in meal form, you can do as I’ve done in the past and just cube ‘er up, and toss it in a little salad. Mine tend to always involve quinoa and kale. Any suggestions? Perhaps a soup that is based on the kabocha squash itself?


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  1. Hey there miss chef! Try roasting the squash first! By roasting you may be able to taste the richness come through all the broth! I find vegetable broth doesn’t carry the same robust flavours say chicken or beef so adding somethings like miso paste may amp up the flavour a bit!!

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