how to make almond milk

 So if I ruined your life last week by telling you soy might not be the best thing to mix in your morning cereal, I’m going to try and patch things up between us in this next post. I don’t want any angry readers—so allow me to bribe you with the secrets of almond milk?!

Almond milk is delicious. My roommates and I go through so many boxes a week we oughta be sponsored. So I thought it might be economically feasible to make some of my own (kinda like the scrumptious Mylk UnCookies makes!)—and thankfully, it’s not too tough. If it were, I probably wouldn’t do it. Here goes:

First off, soak your almonds in some water. About 12 hours will do—this takes off all the stuff that make ’em hard for your tummy to digest. Happy tummy!

Rinse the almonds off till the water runs clear.

Next, get out your handy dandy blender, and some filtered water. Your going to want a ratio of about 1:2.7 almonds to water. In human terms, that’s about one and a half cups of almonds to four cups of filtered water. Great. Throw in a capful of vanilla extract if you like. Now blend it like an iPhone! (Or just blend it. Good.)

Yummy milky goodness on the way! But wait! Don’t drink it yet… nobody likes pulpy almond milk…

The next step is the most meticulous, and unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a nut milk bag (yes, they exist), the best method I’ve found is to secure two layers of cheesecloth around a deep bowl with a rubber band, and pour the almond mixture in—slooooowly.

And now the fun begins! Very carefully, take off the rubber band, grab the edges of the cheesecloth and hold it like the sac that it is. Now harken back to days of yore, or your childhood, or a picture you’ve seen somewhere, and milk that nutsac as hard as you can! Ohhh yeah. Squeeze every last drop of juice out of those nuts. Then get your head out of the gutter.

Hey! That’s it! That white, creamy stuff that just dripped from that nutsac? Smooth, delicious almond milk. Mmmm. Now alls you’ve got to do is funnel it into a mason jar or equally farm-y receptacle and pour it over some Rice Krispies, into your fair trade coffee, or get caraaazy and flavour it with some maple syrup, some vanilla, maybe even some cocoa powder! The world is your oyster.

this leftover stuff is almond meal—you can use it to add fiber to meals if you’d like, I’m lazy and compost it. Your call.

I haven’t got the mix juuuust right yet, and still prefer the storebought stuff. So that’s where you guys come in—if you’ve got any tips how to make it tasty, or more creamy and delicious, share ’em in the comments below pretty please? Enjoy!

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