mmm…. floaties…


the kind of floaties you have to pay for.

I was recommended some time ago to try some kombucha tea to get some good bacteria back in my system post-travel-bugs. Basically it’s an alive tea—it has the same kind of effects as if you were to eat some probiotic yogurt, just minus the dairy plus some more healthiness. So last week, I went into the Whole Foods and foolishly perused the loose-leaf teas aisle, thinking somehow I could brew some bacteria up in my kettle… uh.. nuh-uh.

A gracious employee escorted me to the back and the chilled drinks aisle, where she warned me of the polarized opinions on kombucha: its sometimes off-putting vinegary taste, its bubbly effervescence, it’s visible strains of bacteria culture… gag. As I was turned off and ready to walk away, she took a permanent marker from her pocked, x-ed out the barcode, and initialed, handing over the bottle like an initiation. And I’m never one to turn down a challenge.

It took me another week to get up the guts (ha. ha.) to take a sip, and when I did, I wanted to spit it out instantly. It bubbled both in the bottle and foamed in my mouth and had a super acidic taste, but once I finished that damn bottle (okay, half on the first try), let me tell you… It makes your body work. It makes your belly verrrry happy. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s only sweetened with some fruit purees.

Hence, I present to you: Gt’s SYNERGY Kombucha Tea: Good Bacteria in a Bottle.

(I’ve never tried another brand, and I’ve been recommended against doing so until I can chug the kombucha back no problem—the real hardcore stuff ain’t for the faint of gut).


trilogy, gingerberry, mango, and strawberry are all delicous and manageable flavours.


yup, folks, that's some real live living stuff floating up there!



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