food court vegan

The title almost sounds an oxymoron.

A vegan in a food court is an easy way to nutritional starvation. Hmm, what comes to mind… Fries. Fruit cups. At best, some white rice and veggies. How is one supposed to sustain thyself for a rueful day of ill-fitting clothes and listening to Bieber-esque mall muzak?


Check out this bad-assery. Food court veganism is, it seems, easier in the states. I’d been recommended a place called Pita Jungle a few times by some yogis-in-training, and it appeared the best of the worst when it came meal time at Scottsdale Fashion Square this past weekend. Though the menu was mostly full of tzatziki (yogurt, dairy) and gyros (droooool), my options suddenly began to blossom when I veered my eyes to the sides.

Beans and brown rice (only brown rice!!) with caramelized onions, fresh, warm pita, cilantro jalapeno hummus, falafel with a side of tahini, and unsweetened berry tea. The Middle East has got it figured out! I was impressed, and so was my stomach.

So, any other suggestions for safe food court options? I’m hoping I don’t put myself in the position anyways, but life (and apparent shopping urges) can be pretty unpredictable…


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