here we go again



the last supper, mark two


you don't even wanna know how many macronutrients are in this shit.

I always thought kale was pretty bitter and too crunchy and had to be cooked to be truly edible. Which sucks, ’cause it meant I was cooking out some of the good stuff, like the ridiculous amounts Vitamin K, A, and C this leafy-super-green provides. But I learned a little trick this week to making an easy, sweet and even, buttery kale side (or main, if you want to throw on some protein like tofu or tempeh!):

Mush them leaves up with some avocado, kinda like you’re trying to turn the kale into guacamole, squeeze on some lemon juice, some rice wine vinegar, et voila! Goes down like a spoonful of sugar. Of course, if you’re crazy and want to skip out on all the delicious EFAttyness of the avocados, just skip ’em, and rub the kale leaves with some lemon juice and sea salt instead.


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