vegan guinea pigs + our kitchen labratory

As I mentioned before, I’m taking this month of June, alongside my yoga training, to step up my flexibility—not just in body, but also in terms of nutrition. I’m going vegan.

Admittedly, I’ve been prone to mock those (ie. my mom) who’ve given up animal goodies before, but the more and more I read, the more I wonder how it would affect my body. I’ll need all the energy I can get over the next month, and I need my fuel to be as easily digestible and accessible for my body as possible. On top of that, in honour of the final parasite-squashing, I’m cutting out sugar with meals, and back on sugar in general. Does it sound restrictive? Maybe, a little. But I’ve always liked me a good challenge.

The unfortunate timing of veganism is it coincides perfectly on the day I like to eat cake (well, at least moreso than every other day)—my birthday ever-so-conveniently falls on the third day of the experiment. Thankfully, the Whole Foods here is at least double the size of the Toronto store, with entire aisles dedicated to raw foods, superfoods, and vegan foods—desserts and cakes included (I never said I was giving up on sugar altogether!). So it may be just a piece of vegan, raw brownie, but at least I can stick a damn candle in it.

I don’t usually eat too much meat, anyways. It’s the cheese and ice cream and all of those delicious things that usually get me. Anyways, I’m lucky here, to have a mom who shares my love of grocery shopping (we’re talking 2-hour trips here) and healthy cooking and experimentation, one other guinea pig, and my grandma—but she’s most happy when we stop and grab take-out from Wendy’s.

Last night, we made some Peanut-Tofu lettuce wraps. Creamy, sweet homemade peanut sauce with ginger, soy, sesame, and chili. Lush, bright butter lettuce leaves. Super-firm tofu marinated in ginger, garlic, and soy, and then, the masterpiece of super-nutrition: chopped cashews, white chia seeds, kelp noodles, chlorella+spirulina salad booster (which dyed the whole mix green!), daikon radish sprouts, and water chestnuts. Yeah, we do pretty well for ourselves.. and there’s always room at the table if anyone wants to join!


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  1. nice! i love the idea of playing with diet and seeing how it affects you. can’t wait to see how you like it. i went raw for a week about a month ago and have never felt so well. while there are things in this world i would never give up permanantly, i think it’s fun to give it a shot for a while. and vegan dessert isn’t so bad. hope you have a happy birthday kass!

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