nervitedness sinks in

working on my dancer's pose outside the taj mahal.. need to fix my hip alignment!

Mum and I are finally all settled here in Scottsdale, AZ, and with two yoga classes down, I’m getting nervous—I turned around in the hot room today to peek at the thermostat and humidity levels (I’d been standing directly under the humidifier, getting hot steam pumped down my back for twenty minutes now): 105F, so about 41C, and 70% humidity… and I thought India was hot.

Yet, I got myself in this sticky, sweaty situation. Sumit’s Teacher Training is two 80-minute classes, five days a week, in the aformentioned climate, pulling, pushing, stretching, strenghtening—and that’s just the body. It’s the mind, too, it’s 40 hours a week, learning all we can squeeze in to 160 hours of total class time. The history of yoga, meditation, nutrition, ayurvedic practices, adjustments… it’s all a bit overwhelming to learn atop the 60-or-so page dialogue.

But that’s the point, right? Not worrying about the future, the pains my body will feel a week or two in, nor memorizing the near scripture. It’s staying present, being there, listening, learning, feeling and experiencing everything that is happening right now.


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