if you’re in for some heavy reading…

…check out Evolutionary Psychiatry.

It’s definitely not something to complement studying for exams, in fact, it feels a bit like hitting the books. But if you’ve got the time for a fascinating read, take some time and check out the key posts of this blog. It’s a little more science- and medical- heavy than I can normally absorb, but the goodies you get from reading it are by far worth it. Some pretty groundbreaking stuff on the connections between diet, psyche, and overall health—the elimination diet and ADHD, gluten and mental illness, low cholesterol and bipolar disorder. No one’s saying curing a massive illness is possible simply diet… but it really does sound it may be possible.


One response

  1. This is similar to what our naturopath tries to teach. when my grandpa was suffering from cancer, a combination of diet and natural supplements actually helped him go into remission… it was pneumonia that he died from. There’s some pretty powerful stuff to be said about eating the right things. I’m looking forward to diving in and reading this when I get a chance 🙂

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