why, YES, that stuff you eat everyday does matter!

After a semi-grueling and heavily Tim Horton’s fueled weekend of volleyball, I was happy to make it back into Toronto in time for the Sunday Yin class at Moksha (at this studio, Yin, like Moksha, is done in the heated room, but it’s a less active form of yoga—instead of activating cardiovascular activity with flows, balance, and strength in what is known as yang practice, yin slows the body down, allowing the muscles and joints to sink into long holds and get into the real gritty deep stuff in your body). It’d been a weekend of failing to warm up, forgetting to stretch, and subsiding on some heavily-preserved foodstuffs. So it seemed only appropriate to get in a good stretch, and I was doubly happy when I remembered this was the week they were screening a documentary I’d been wanting to see.

As part of the Living Your Moksha challenge’s Week 1: Living Healthy, Moksha did a screening of FoodMatters, an excellent doc which revolves around Socrates’ principle “let food be thy medicine, and they medicine be food,” and highlighted all the of the vicious vircles created by the medical community, the emphasis on drugs, the fact that most doctors have absolutely ZERO formal training in nutrition or the influences one’s diet has on their health (no one here’s heard of type 2 diabetes? Um, hello, cancer-causing toxins?). There was lots to be learned, including: no, you can’t really overdose on vitamins; vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the root cause of more things than you can imagine; cooking food actually makes your body perceive it as toxic; and you can’t fully remove toxins unless you first detoxify and then replace the bad stuff with some new, good foods and nutrients. 106,000 people die EVERY YEAR in America due to KNOWN adverse side effects of the drugs they took as prescribed by their doctors, an Lord knows if those drugs had any actual positive effects (in comparison, the last 20+ years have seen 10 deaths that are suspected to be due to vitamin overdoses). But your doctor isn’t sponsored by a vitamin company, and buying nutritious food and being healthy doesn’t make money for American doctors, at least. We in Canada, I think could entirely reverse our problems about the cost of medicating our aging population by 2050, maybe sooner if we shifted the focus and treatment to nutritive prevention rather than treatment. Food for thought. Tons of great information, tons of very interesting things to think about. David Wolfe, raw, superfood activist (I can’t even tell you how many times he said raw cacao was the best food in the world for you.. I’m just fine with that) and Charlotte Gerson, part of the Gerson Institute—which treats the ‘uncurable’ diseases like cancer with high vitamin dosages and healthy diets have both stirred up a little something in me to investigate this further… stay tuned.

Oh! And, if your mental health is ever suffering, ie. feeling a little down on yourself (ie. the sorry state I was in after this weekend’s sad 0-10 showing at the vball tourney), encourage yourself with the resonant words of Jessica:


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  1. You hit the nail right on the head on this one, well actually the documentary did. It’s a never ending cycle when it comes to doctors (who are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Who knew?). This reminds me of my experience with using Proactiv (a highly sponsored acne cleanser). I didn’t have bad skin to begin with, but as soon as I used that shit, bad things happened to me, including rosacea and horrible acne. Oh, and did I forget to mention a friend of mine had the same exact experience? So, Proactiv, which by the way was created by a doctor, gives people skin conditions; then, doctors prescribe you with more shit (or toxins) to fix that condition, then even more bad stuff happens to your skin. I’m telling you it’s horrible! I actually stopped using everything on my skin, which has proven to be the best method, and my diet is reversing all the bad effects of the Proactiv. (My sister thought it was a crime that I wasn’t using anything to clean my skin; my secret is water and healthy foods.)

    Also, reminds me of other things too. Like how skin cancer was never diagnosed until sunscreen was created. Autism was never heard of until vaccines were introduced. Hm…This list could go on and on and on.


    • Yes, the list DOES go on and on! And would you believe I had a similar bad experience with Proactiv?! In high school I had bad acne and went on the “miracle drug” Proactiv… and guess what, it dried my skin out so bad I would literally sit in front of the fan for 10 minutes at a time because it made my skin BURN! Ouch. Painful days those were. I’m still not completely clear but it’s incredible to pay attention to how much my diet affects my skin on a day-to-day basis – not just regarding acne but also dryness and brightness! Wow, funny thing how the stuff you put in your body everyday does matter. Not to completely discredit western medical doctors because they do very good things and can be of great help – BUT. They receive about 1 week’s worth of nutritional training. And we wonder why we’re losing touch with food?! Harumph. Glad you’re on my bandwagon, Kai!

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