Tonight, on my second-last day of the cleanse (and the first day of the Living Your Moksha challenge!), I decided to go all out and make something a little uncharacteristic… a Vegan, vegetable-based pasta dish. Here, I present you, Zucchini Quinoa lasagna, as adapted from Peas and Thank You.


I sliced some zucchini up nice and thing, sucked out all the moisture with layers of paper towel and salt, then cooked up some quinoa with tomato sauce, onions, fresh herbs, and the secret ingredient—tofutti ‘cream cheese’ ‘till it resembled a risotto. Layer upon layer was built, best zucchini slices at the bottom so my lasagna could retain some structural integrity (thanks, homebuilding father!), doused in some organic roasted red pepper pasta sauce (thanks for forgetting that here, Luke!), and then topped up with Daiya’s soy cheddar cheez.


Bam! I’ll be honest, I don’t think I would’ve missed the cheese if I’d have subbed it out altogether, but the zucchini made a great veg substitute for rice pasta, and the layers of quinoa were creamy, tangy, and full of way more nutrients than your nonna’s lasagna (sorry your nonna!).


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