cheating on the blog, but not on the detox!

Well, it was inevitable I’d fall at the blogging wagon at some point throughout this cleanse—the important thing however, is that I haven’t fallen off the detoxing one! Part of the blame is placed on my iPhone, whose camera seems to be lagging at my most impatient times—a.k.a. when there’s a hot meal in front of me.

Yesterday, I grazed throughout the day—a banana, the better part of a pineapple (I shared, okay!), a Key Lime Larabar (a new favorite, of which I’ll be making some of my own in the very near future. very short and simple ingredient list!) and a few plain chicken wings for some protein. I was trying to save up an appetite, though, because I knew my awesome and awesomely creative friend Ali would be treating me to the culinary delights of her handiwork. Again, I forgot to photograph it, but: A cleanse-friendly vegetable medley of orange carrots, red pepper, hearts of palm, edamame beans, and tiger shrimp, slathered in homemade spinach pesto, and steamed inside of parchment paper in the oven. Followed up by some Friday-night yoga and almond butter-date-banana smoothies and some popcorn. Much-needed girls night.

Today I had some frozen banana and a few sips of a Boathouse Greens smoothie pre-yoga, and met Renee after and grabbed some awesome curried butternut soup, spicy, chock-full of veggies—one of those things that’ll heal you even if you’re not feeling sick. Mmmm mm good. Snacked on some dried pineapple rings and some cinnamon-ginger-cardamom tea until dinner… which I promise to photo-document!!!


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